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Entrepreneurial success: only for those who act.

But those who act will also take risks – economic risks. Will my partner pay the invoice? How long will I have to wait for my money? Can my partner afford investments after all? Will economic action also create added value?

Economic information and debt collection services will help find answers to these questions, minimise credit and receivables risks, and prevent losses. Just in time.

More than 165'000 businesses participate.

The Swiss association of creditors Creditreform is a modern business venture structured as a cooperative. It offers exclusive economic information and debt collection services on a worldwide scale, all from one source. Today Creditreform has a network of about 180 offices in Europe, and seven independent regional offices in Switzerland. More than 165'000 businesses all over Europe are members of Creditreform. Each year they order more than 22 million items of economic and creditworthiness related information, and collect billions in delayed payments thanks to our debt collection services.

Safety and Security through Information.

Some 200 operators in Switzerland hold more than 80.000 interviews every year and collect every day the relevant information you will require to make your business safer and more secure. Support in optimising your payables and receivables management has been our core business since 1888.

Do benefit from our rich experience. Our qualified consultants will be pleased to support you personally on the spot. Obviously, the relevant provisions of the Swiss law on data protection are respected throughout. Entrepreneurial action will thus be rewarded with success.

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