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The roots of Creditreform Küng Bern AG go back to more than 110 years ago. In the 60ies, Heinz Küng joined the company. In the meantime, the Küng family are strongly established and represented in this company, which is very much a family business.

A separation of the debt collection business in 2005 when it was transferred to the sister company Inkasso Küng AG made it possible to secure the future of this business which has a long tradition and is active nationally and internationally in the debt collection trade with a focus on, and reinforcement of its specific area of competence. Together with our sister company, we are therefore the leading provider of debt collection services. Our rich experience puts us in a position to offer our competence as a reliable and innovative partner.

To complete our services, the internal attorneys and lawyers of our new legal department are available to you to ensure that even difficult legal questions can be clarified with the necessary professional competence!

The Creditreform Küng Bern AG is certified according to ISO 9001, 2015


Creditreform Küng Bern AG
Regional office Espace Mittelland region
of Schweiz. Verband Creditreform

Nordring 54
Postfach 306
CH-3000 Bern 22

Tel  +41 31 330 49 44
Fax +41 31 330 49 48

Economic information
Rémy Küng
+41 31 330 49 44

Debt collection
Daniela Brönnimann
+41 31 330 49 45

Debt collection hotline
Daniela Brönnimann
+41 31 330 49 45

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