With a share of nearly 15% of the gross value added, commerce is a major sector of the Swiss economy. Retail trade is strongly oriented towards the national economy and suffering under the impact of the strong Swiss franc in particular in border areas. It is dependent on the development of the employment situation and on a positive behaviour of the citizens as consumers. Wholesale trade, on the other hand, is mainly oriented towards export and is therefore dependent on geopolitical or economic events in the target markets. Be it in retail or wholesale trade, the recipe of successful enterprises consists in innovation, flexibility, and cost control.  

The enterprises’ focus is therefore placed on reducing open claims to optimise liquidity management, and on optimising processes in receivables and credit management. Monitoring new and existing customers and a systematic claim management also play an important role.

We support wholesale and retail companies by offering them the following advantages:

  • Reduction of the rate of claims lost by solvency/creditworthiness checking and monitoring,
  • Improvement of liquidity and Working Capital Management,
  • Integration in the processes of credit management through comprehensive system solutions,
  • Solvency/creditworthiness information on international companies, - debt collection services abroad.
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