The services sector includes 60 % of all business enterprises of the Swiss market and employs about 2.4 million people. Enterprises of the service industry have to be capable of reacting flexibly to changes in the labour market with the different target groups. Their capital consists in quality and flexibility in providing the services offered. Hence, it is all the more important to concentrate on the core business and design all other corporate processes in such a way as to manage and protect corporate resources and ensure financial room for manoeuvre.

Optimisation and automation of the receivables and claim management will support these processes. In concrete terms, this means that you will benefit from quick liquidity as a result of the outsourcing of the reminder and debt collection management, and a significant reduction of the risk of losses by monitoring solvency / creditworthiness and limit control.

Our solutions for service providers:

  • Monitoring solutions will always keep you updated on changes in solvency / creditworthiness.
  • CrediFOLIO for a targeted management and control of the credits granted.
  • Data analyses to identify and develop solvent customer groups.
  • Avoid bad surprises through solvency / creditworthiness checking.
  • Analysis of the financial power of the business enterprise as compared to competitors
  • Targeted further training in receivables, credit, and claim management
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