Debt collection insurance made for SME

Well-known problem

Your request for debt enforcement is contested with an objection, and all you have is a delivery note or an acknowledgement of order. As a result, you then have to decide whether to risk lengthy ordinary proceedings triggering unforeseeable lawyers’ costs, or to write off the whole claim at once.

Insure your litigation risk

The CrediCAP debt collection insurance is a product designed by Creditreform in cooperation with the legal expenses insurance company CAP Rechtsschutz-Versicherungsgesellschaft AG, exclusively for CrediMEMBER. This insurance covers the legal charges and lawyers’ fees following an objection.

Benefit now

Take out an exclusive CrediCAP debt collection insurance policy now. Commit your future claims as from the second reminder to the cost-efficient amicable debt collection of Creditreform. This will ensure from the outset that you have the best possible chances of success to possibly still settle the matter amicably. If an objection is filed nevertheless in the ensuing process and the conditions for CrediCAP are met, your Creditreform debt collection company will recommend that you should commit the dossier to the CrediCAP procedure. It will be up to you to decide whether you wish to take the insured case to court without extra costs, or whether you prefer to write it off.

Conditions for CrediCAP

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  • your business has a maximum of 25 employees or a maximum annual turnover of 6 million CHF
  • the claim was committed to debt enforcement by a Creditreform regional office
  • an objection was filed
  • the claim is documented at least with a delivery note or acknowledgement of order
  • the claim ranges between CHF 1.000,00 and CHF 25.000,00 (total amount per year)
  • a maximum of 3 CrediCAP cases per year
  • the invoice is not related to a project for which a building permit was required

Flyer CrediCAP

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Branch offices

Your local partner. The competent Creditreform company in your area will realise your claims.

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