Monitoring of certificates of shortfall

Collect your receivables now to avoid total loss.

Since the revised DEBA entered into force on 1 January 1997, certificates of shortfall now lapse after 20 years in Switzerland. Thus, for the first time, all certificates of shortfall issued before 1.1.1997 will lapse on 1 January 2017.

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Without intervening, one can only lose. We will show you what to do to prevent your right to claim your receivables from expiring. Do not hesitate to contact us without any engagement, you can only benefit.

How to turn losses into liquidity

Your action

You will send us your certificates of shortfall and / or written-off claims. If your debtor effects a direct payment, we are grateful if you keep us informed so that we can close the case.

Our service

We will search for and unequivocally identify your debtor in order to be in a position to monitor their solvency / creditworthiness. As soon as payment by instalments is agreed or a balance agreement is entered into, we will monitor them continuously. We will always manage this process in a systematic and long-term approach and avoid unnecessary prescriptions.

Your advantage

  • No human resources costs 
  • No cost risk
  • Increase of the extraordinary success 
  • Fee for Creditreform in case of success only

Branch offices

Your local partner. The competent Creditreform company in your area will realise your claims.

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