The relevant businesses and enterprises (financial intermediaries and some other sectors) have a regulatory obligation according to the Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance, to comply with certain procedures to avoid money laundering transactions. Among others, it has to be checked by appropriate means if the beneficial owners and/or the controllers of the legal contracting party are politically exposed persons (PEP). Furthermore, it has to be checked if the company or persons are registered in what is known as sanctions lists.

How does the ComplianceCHECK work

The purpose of the ComplianceCHECK is to verify the names of the natural or legal person about whom information is solicited, as well as their respective bodies, so as to detect possible hits in the PEP and sanctions lists and in the Watch&Blacklist at the time of delivery of the information. When a hit has been found, a dedicated link makes it possible to display the details of the hit. Where required, the ComplianceCHECK and/or the details of the hit can be documented in PDF format.

ComplianceCHECK Lists and Sources

A politically exposed person (PEP) is a politician, or a person in the immediate environment of a politician, who is subject to more stringent requirements in terms of money laundering than a normal citizen. (Source, German: Wikipedia, July 2016)

At Creditreform we use the data provided by our partner info4c for checking within the ComplianceCHECK. This database we use is the most comprehensive list of its kind and includes the most important persons of more than 240 countries and territories of the world. 

  • Comprehensive and worldwide coverage
  • Designed for and in line with the regulatory requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance
  • Alternative characters (Cyrillic, Arabic, Mandarin, etc.)

The ComplianceCHECK also checks persons known as ExPEP, where the feature is dated less than or up to 2 years ago.

Compliance information
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