Solvency / creditworthiness information for more transparency

Involving oneself in business relations means taking risks. And providing work and services and then invoicing them means granting supplier credits. Good faith in customers paying their invoices is not enough to protect oneself against losses on receivables. Only information on solvency / creditworthiness can provide more concrete indications about a business partner’s ability to meet their liabilities. Obtain information from Creditreform about your customers’ solvency / creditworthiness to minimise your risks.

Monitoring for permanent risk surveillance

Creditreform keeps you informed. With our systematic monitoring, you will always have access to the latest details. It is up to you to decide what kind of information and details are relevant to you. A modular product system facilitates selection. You will regularly and immediately be informed about all relevant changes. You can integrate these messages in your own applications. Accordingly, a highly efficient and up-to-date credit risk and receivables management system is available to you at any time.

Brochure information and monitoring (german)
Brochure information and monitoring (german)

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