Safety in international business

The Swiss economy has always been highly interconnected on a global basis: its per capita import and export volumes and its import and export rate (as a percentage of GDP) are among the highest in the world. Exports play a particularly important economic role for a small country such as Switzerland.

The services provided by Creditreform make international business safer. Our partner organisations based in the different countries make available their information in a standardised format, which is why our creditworthiness information is clear and well-structured on an international basis and will therefore always be a helpful reference to make well-founded credit decisions. Our new monitoring products (starts end of 2020) will also make it possible to permanently monitor strategic partners or key customers including those based in the most important European countries.

Product line foreign reports
Product line foreign reports

Groups of Countries (GC)

As a basic principle, foreign-country supplements are due when information from outside Switzerland and Liechtenstein is obtained and are then charged in addition to the basic price of a report. The countries have been divided into groups of countries.

0 Germany, Austria
1 Belgium, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain
2 Scandinavia, Baltic States, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Rep. Turkey, Ukraina, Hungary
3 Albania, Bosnia-H. Gibraltar, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Macedonia, Moldowa, Russia (Eu), Serbia-Montenegro, Belarus
4 Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Russia (Asia)
Information and monitoring (german only)

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Creditreform International (english)

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Sample GC 1, 2

Sample GC 3, 4

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