Individual order for a creditworthiness report

Even non-members have the possibility to order creditworthiness information about companies and persons. The price for a report is CHF 175.00 (plus VAT).

For information from abroad, the foreign surcharge will also be charged depending on the country group, for details see here.

The price for the report has to be paid in advance. 


In order to obtain up-to-date debt enforcement information (Switzerland / FL), we require proof of interest from you. This can be an invoice, an offer, an order, etc.
Contract terms:

The information, which is provided without any guarantee or responsibility, is strictly confidential and intended for the recipient only.

The recipient shall ensure that the information is not disclosed to any third parties. He/she/they shall be liable for all consequences that may arise from a breach of this obligation. Information from SVC may only be accessed for the purpose of assessing economically relevant facts. The recipient of the information confirms that, if necessary, he/she/they is/are able to prove the reason for the enquiry specified. SVC shall be entitled to carry out random checks of the relevant documents (correspondence, notes, etc.). If information provided by SVC is retained, the right to information and rectification of the companies and persons on whom the information is obtained shall be guaranteed.

The customer expressly waives any recourse against the agent and and or any informants.

I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms of the contract.
General conditions 11.2019

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