E-commerce security

Integration into the buying process

Online trading has been booming constantly. At the same time, the risks associated with mail-order trade are exponentially higher than those of classical on-site trading. Is my customer really the one he pretends to be? What risks can I take, i.e. up to which amount may I supply on account? Or not at all.

Intelligent risk management with RiskCUBE

The payment method "invoice" is only offered to customers whose creditworthiness has been checked and who present a calculable risk. An intelligent set of rules detects misuse and excludes it. After entering the address details and before displaying the payment options, the data are transferred to RiskCUBE. RiskCUBE checks the creditworthiness and behaviour of the shop orderer. In the event of poor creditworthiness, unusual behaviour, lack of a valid address or exceeding the credit limits defined by the shop owner, the invoice option is not displayed. Depending on risk-taking propensity and margin, the display of the invoice option can be limited or extended.

Webshop PlugIN

A whole variety of Webshop solutions are available for entry in online trading, and customer checking by Creditreform can be integrated in the most common applications on a modular basis. This means that identification of the customers and creditworthiness checking will be integrated into the customer’s purchase process directly as a background feature, and individual methods of payment can be displayed. The creditworthiness signal lights can be adjusted individually so that it will be possible without any problems and within just fractions of a second to make automated decisions. 

Übersicht über die verfügbaren Versionen

Webshop Mit RiskCUBE Ohne RiskCUBE
AbaShop n.v. ab Version 2016
PepperShop n.v. ab Version 4 Build 28 /
Version 5.0 Build 11
Shopware ab Version 6 ab Version 5.1.0
(Support PHP 5.4 (EOL),
5.5, 5.6, 7.0)
Shopify Basic, Normal oder Advanced, kein Pro n.v.
Magento ab Version 2.2 n.v.
PrestaShop Versionen 1.6.x-1.7.x n.v.
Gambio ab Version 3.14 n.v.
WooCommerce ab Version 4.4 n.v.

Systemdokumentation RiskCUBE

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Magento, PrestaShop, Gambio GX

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Flyer RiskCUBE (german)

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Flyer PlugIN (german)
Abacus AbaShop

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Flyer PlugIN (german)

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Flyer PlugIN (german)

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