Payment experiences Xchange

Thanks to the mutual exchange of payment experiences between our members, you can better protect yourself against impending losses.

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Payment experiences of 12.000 members

The purpose of Creditreform is to protect its members from losses on receivables. As a self-help organisation organised as a cooperative, the exchange of payment experiences has been of great importance for a long time. The more such data are available, the easier to identify irregularities or emerging difficulties to pay, which will enable you to react in an adequate manner long before any debt enforcement procedures are initiated.

It is possible at any stage of the business relationship to exchange information with Creditreform. With Xchange, Creditreform offers a means for automated processing of large databases from your receivables accountancy. Creditreform identifies the receivables and debtors by comparing them with its own creditworthiness database. Individual claims are considered in anonymised form in the assessment of creditworthiness.

Information on your customers’ morale of payment is also integrated in the Creditreform database through the transfer of claims to the Creditreform companies’ debt collection systems.

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Export from your accounts receivable accounting

Every accounting programme has an export function. This makes it possible to extract and send us data about your customers’ payment attitude with minimal effort. There are different options to send us these data:

  • All open claims or supply of overdue claims only
  • With the date of payment or without date of settlement
  • Different intervals: daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly
  • Customer identified or without Crefo No.
  • Address file and document file separately


To ensure a high degree of processing automation, certain requirements for the structure of the records have been defined: please see the document to the right side in the download section. Our different options for data supply are in compliance with the high standards of data protection and safety.

Export from Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Creditreform members protect themselves against bad debt losses by carrying out creditworthiness checks. Benefit from the exchange of payment experiences of our members. Export your payment experiences automatically via a secure connection to Creditreform from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The required payment experiences are automatically selected by the module and transmitted to Creditreform via our secure sFTP connection. It is recommended that a job completes the process automatically once a month.


  • From Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Export from Abacus

With our state-of-the-art know-how, our members can today export their payment experiences from the accounts receivable programme with minimal effort and make them available to the platform organised by Creditreform.


  • Accounts receivable Abacus version > 2007

Export from SAP ®

The Creditreform SAP Connector is an SAP add-on that has been prepared by a development partner. Customers can use it for queries and to archive the reports through the SAP. This add-on also includes a simplification facilitating the transmission of payment experiences from the SAP.

It contains a specific extraction programme that selects and outputs open items in a format required by Creditreform to read payment experiences. This extraction programme can be accessed from an SAP transaction. A specific ‘variant’ is available for the selection. The file thus generated is saved and made available on a regular basis with a secure upload through CrediWEB.

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