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Creditworthiness information to avoid losses on receivables

When a consumer wishes to purchase goods on credit / account, the lender will check the customer's creditworthiness/solvency before entering into the contract. For this purpose, Creditreform offers the relevant services within the framework of the Swiss Data Protection Act and maintains a creditworthiness database to assess the creditworthiness of companies and private individuals. The provider himself decides whether the consumer is supplied on account or whether he has to provide securities such as advance payment.

Your right: Right to information and correction.

SVC places great value on the quality and correctness of its data and thus refers explicitly to the right of information and correction according to the Data Protection Act. According to this law, any natural or legal person is entitled to request information about their own records from the owner of a data collection. The person affected has a legal right to claim correction of any incorrect information. Requests for information and / or correction have to be directed to SVC in writing. In order for the request to be processed, natural persons are required to provide proof of identity (copy of an official identity document). Requests submitted by legal persons must be validly signed.

For this purpose, please use the links that you will find to the right of this page.

The Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner has reviewed the implementation of the right to information and correction by Creditreform and found that formal as well as material requirements are complied with.

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In accordance with the Data Protection Act, you are entitled to a self-information at any time.

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In accordance with the Data Protection Act, you are entitled to a self-information at any time.