Debt Collection

Unpaid receivables? Our specialist knows how to turn your outstanding invoices into liquidity and takes over the communication with your debtors. You can take care of your core business.

We will transform your receivables into profits

We will collect your receivables even sooner. Your customers will pay sooner. The money currently still withheld by delayed payers will be available to you in the future. Which will improve your liquidity and prevent losses.

Transfer debt collection and certificates of shortfall

Although you have done your work conscientiously, payments fail to be made. You neither have time nor feel like running after your money? Well, then simply leave that to Creditreform!

Our friendly, but firm specialists in the field of debt collection make sure that your customers pay and remain customers. Untoward emotions are outsourced, which enables you to leave a professional impression.

We take charge of amicable, legal, and judicial debt collection services as well as the realisation of certificates of loss. Our members benefit from special rates. As an exclusive service for members, Creditreform also offers a debt collection insurance.

Issue a collection order

Submit your outstanding claims to us online. As an existing debt collection customer, please use the corresponding online portal.

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Amicable debt collection Legal debt collection Judicial debt collection Certificates of shortfall Insurance for debt collection

How to operate a successful dunning process

Your action

After invoicing, having sent the customer a demand for payment and a last reminder, you will try to reach the customer by phone one last time. If the payment still fails to be effected, you will then transmit the case to Creditreform and thus activate our debt collection proceedings. You will also give your consent to the next step.

Our service

We will identify your debtor unequivocally, check their solvency/creditworthiness and request them to pay. Within this context, we will act as a mediator and persuade your debtor to pay. Payment experiences are recorded in our solvency / creditworthiness database. If possible, we will agree payments by instalment and monitor the latter continuously.

Your advantage

  • Your customer remains your customer 
  • You will improve your liquidity
  • Negative feelings are outsourced 
  • You can concentrate on your core business 
  • Legal steps are avoided where possible 
  • Fee for Creditreform in case of success only

Assert claims according to the DEBA

Your action

You will send us complete information about each case. If your debtor effects a direct payment, we are grateful if you keep us informed so that we can close the case. If not, you will then give your consent to the next step.

Our service

We make sure that everything is duly processed within the limits of the law. Our everyday activities include petitions for debt enforcement, to continue proceedings, to sell, and bankruptcy petitions as well as communication with the authorities, the monitoring of deadlines and cost advances.

Your advantage

  • Safe management of deadlines
  • No vices of form according to the DEBA
  • You can concentrate on your core business
  • Fee for Creditreform in case of success only

The professionals work for you

Your action

You will send us the complete documents about each case and attend the conciliation hearing. If necessary, you will effect a cost advance payment. Depending on the progress, you will then give your consent to the next step.

Our service

We are in contact with the authorities and monitor all deadlines. We request the debtor to withdraw their objection. Where it is necessary, we submit requests for setting aside objections or requests for conciliation (arbitration) in the relevant national language. If and as required, fiduciary lawyers all over the world will fight for your rights. We will make sure to file claims, manage complex court actions and conduct bankruptcy proceedings. In the process, we avoid vices of form and keep costs to a minimum. Of course, we will always keep you informed.

Your advantage

  • Professional processing at a fixed price 
  • Proficient consultancy and support 
  • Reduction of your administrative workload and time investment
  • Fee for Creditreform in case of success only
  • CrediCAP debt collection insurance is possible
  • International network of fiduciary lawyers
  • Cost-optimised procedure 

How to turn losses into liquidity

Your action

You will send us your certificates of shortfall and / or written-off claims. If your debtor effects a direct payment, we are grateful if you keep us informed so that we can close the case.

Our service

We will search for and unequivocally identify your debtor in order to be in a position to monitor their solvency / creditworthiness. As soon as payment by instalments is agreed or a balance agreement is entered into, we will monitor them continuously. We will always manage this process in a systematic and long-term approach and avoid unnecessary prescriptions.

Your advantage

  • No human resources costs 
  • No cost risk
  • Increase of the extraordinary success 
  • Fee for Creditreform in case of success only

Collect your receivables now to avoid total loss.

Since the revised DEBA entered into force on 1 January 1997, certificates of shortfall now lapse after 20 years in Switzerland. Thus, for the first time, all certificates of shortfall issued before 1.1.1997 will lapse on 1 January 2017.

Debt collection insurance made for SME

Well-known problem

Your request for debt enforcement is contested with an objection, and all you have is a delivery note or an acknowledgement of order. As a result, you then have to decide whether to risk lengthy ordinary proceedings triggering unforeseeable lawyers’ costs, or to write off the whole claim at once.

Insure your litigation risk

The CrediCAP debt collection insurance is a product designed by Creditreform in cooperation with the legal expenses insurance company CAP Rechtsschutz-Versicherungsgesellschaft AG, exclusively for CrediMEMBER. This insurance covers the legal charges and lawyers’ fees following an objection.

Benefit now

Take out an exclusive CrediCAP debt collection insurance policy now. Commit your future claims as from the second reminder to the cost-efficient amicable debt collection of Creditreform. This will ensure from the outset that you have the best possible chances of success to possibly still settle the matter amicably. If an objection is filed nevertheless in the ensuing process and the conditions for CrediCAP are met, your Creditreform debt collection company will recommend that you should commit the dossier to the CrediCAP procedure. It will be up to you to decide whether you wish to take the insured case to court without extra costs, or whether you prefer to write it off.

Conditions for CrediCAP

  • membership with Creditreform
  • your business has a maximum of 25 employees or a maximum annual turnover of 6 million CHF
  • the claim was committed to debt enforcement by a Creditreform regional office
  • an objection was filed
  • the claim is documented at least with a delivery note or acknowledgement of order
  • the claim ranges between CHF 1.000,00 and CHF 25.000,00 (total amount per year)
  • a maximum of 3 CrediCAP cases per year
  • the invoice is not related to a project for which a building permit was required

Our services – your advantage.

  • Professional debt collection with maximum payment recovery
  • Our amicable debt collection procedure offers your customer an opportunity to remain your customer
  • Before initiating debt enforcement or judicial proceedings, we will check your debtor’s solvency
  • We will always suggest the most cost-effective procedure for the collection of your receivables
  • If it is necessary to involve a lawyer to carry through the debt collection mandate, we pursue consulting further in the judicial debt collection procedure
  • Lawyers’ mandates for this type of procedure are based on an appropriate power of attorney
  • We take charge of the monitoring of the deadlines, and of the correspondence

Receivables not only cost nerves but also money. In order to determine by how much you will have to increase your turnover to compensate a possible loss of receivables, use our practical calculator for losses. You will see at once what the consequences of unpaid invoices are for your business.


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