Consultancy and analysis

Use our know-how for enriching master data, analysing your customer data and setting customer-specific credit limits.

Our know-how for your security

Do use our know-how that we obtain from millions of data that we manage. Our standard services include master data enhancement, analyses of your customer data and consulting in the definition of customer-specific credit limits.

Creditreform is a specialist in data-based evaluations of all kinds. On the basis of the information breadth and depth of our database, our analysts have developed extensive knowledge. This knowledge is integrated in the information we provide and will support you in the assessment of your risks in the form of our rating, risk classes, and the probability of loss (according to the product chosen). 

Beyond this, you can also use our competency for your specific needs in a personalised manner. Be it to analyse the potential of your market, to compare your customers’ payment processes with those used in your sector in general: We are in a position to use countless raw data and to compress them into significant analyses.

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To keep track.

Only those who know their customers can take the necessary action at any time to minimise losses on receivables. An analysis of the customer database will enable you to gain the necessary information for this purpose. Do identify your customers and complete internal information with additional creditworthiness features. These analyses will enable you to define and standardise individual credit decisions according to your own customer segmentation.

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Individual data enrichment

Flexible interfaces for dynamic companies.

Access to the data of Creditreform is possible through the most common connections and protocols. According to the customer-owned infrastructure, a broad variety of systems may be integrated, with a degree of complexity varying from low to high. This makes it possible to individually implement your specific requirements. Creditreform not only offers technical support, but also specific and proficient consultant services.

For individual data enrichment – CrediBATCH.

Besides the synchronous (real-time) integration using CrediCONNECT there is also the option of batch processing. This is the ideal tool to compare large volumes of data. You will provide us with your files in any format. We take charge of their integration. For this purpose, you are welcome to send us ordering files or whole databases for comparison. For this operation, too, all Creditreform products are available for choice, to enrich your data. The data will be sent back to you according to your specifications, after which the data required may be integrated in your system again, or placed in your mailbox as Creditreform information.

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Know your partner

How well do you know your supplier? Do you identify connections between companies? Or do you pool you customers? A clear and well-structured partner management provides a basis for transparent business relationships, and identification is a crucial prerequisite in this regard. Those who are informed about the legal context and connections of their suppliers and customers will find themselves in a better negotiating position.

It is recommended to contact Creditreform for this identification process. Our data processing specialists have been specifically trained to recognise connections between companies on the basis of connections between the persons involved. Processing of these data has always been a special quality feature of Creditreform. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual requirements. We are pleased to provide detailed advice and information on the options we can offer.

Enrichment for:

  • Address management
  • Commercial register data
  • Procedural control
  • Bankruptcy monitoring

Find new potential

With innovative systems, products and services from our partner KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing AG, you can specifically target your customers, giving you that crucial competitive edge.

Whether you choose ch-privat® for private addresses, with its many different, exclusive selection criteria or ch-business for business addresses based on Creditreform searches, KünzlerBachmann provide you with support throughout the entire process, for successful customer relationship management and your subsequent steps in dialogue.


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