Information and Monitoring

Transparency and secure business thanks to more information. With our credit reports and monitoring, you stay up to date and gain additional security.

Solvency information for more transparency

Involving oneself in business relations means taking risks. And providing work and services and then invoicing them means granting supplier credits. Good faith in customers paying their invoices is not enough to protect oneself against losses on receivables. Only information on solvency / creditworthiness can provide more concrete indications about a business partner’s ability to meet their liabilities. Obtain information from Creditreform about your customers’ solvency / creditworthiness to minimise your risks.

Monitoring for permanent risk surveillance

Creditreform keeps you informed. With our systematic monitoring, you will always have access to the latest details. It is up to you to decide what kind of information and details are relevant to you. A modular product system facilitates selection. You will regularly and immediately be informed about all relevant changes. You can integrate these messages in your own applications. Accordingly, a highly efficient and up-to-date credit risk and receivables management system is available to you at any time.

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Solvency check Monitoring Credit limit portfolio International

Information with a value in use.

Our goal is to make your customer relationships more secure. Whether your customer is a company or a private individual - whether in the country or abroad - whether it is a small receivable or a large one: with Creditreform you are always well informed. Thanks to creditworthiness and economic reports that speak a clear language and are ideally structured in their visual display, you will know in advance who you are dealing with and can assess the risk of loss. And with the permanent monitoring of your regular customers, you are always up to date.

Keep up to date.

Do you regularly deal with the same customers? If so, you should check them regularly or use Creditreform's monitoring service to keep up to date. Depending on the monitoring product you choose, we monitor changes relevant to creditworthiness as well as major changes in the master data.

In addition to the triggers, the monitoring products also differ in the depth of information provided.

Signal monitoring

The CrediRISK and CrediCHECK information products include six months of signal monitoring. You will be informed by e-mail about changes to monitored companies and persons and you decide whether to obtain new information.

Simple management of your monitoring orders.

The monitoring management in CrediWEB is a powerful instrument to manage your ongoing monitoring and to retrieve the latest information if required. We help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Individual limit control CrediFOLIO

Credit Limit Management in CrediWEB

Credit limits are necessary for risk management in everyday business life. Many companies and businesses are well aware of this, but what should be the amount of the credit limit, and for how long is it valid? With the new credit limit management we can offer you an additional function in CrediWEB that provides concrete answers to these questions.

The credit limit describes the maximum admissible amount of a customer’s open claims, i.e. up to which amount new supplies or services can be delivered on account. In cases where the amount due exceeds the credit limit, supplies and deliveries have to be suspended. The challenge in terms of credit limits is not so much that of imposing a suspension of deliveries, but rather the definition of the amount of the limit. The new credit limit management provides you with a transparent tool for this specific purpose making it possible to determine the relevant credit limit. In addition, our monitoring service ensures that the credit limits are always up to date.

In order to define a credit limit, a whole variety of details have to be taken into account. For example, are there any negative or positive payment experiences and/or have there recently been any relevant official publications? For how long has the company or business existed and in which sector is it active? This information and other details are essential for the determination of the risk class, of the solvency band or of the signal lights – the core competence of Creditreform.

Portfolio management

If you wish to use the credit limit management as an option, you will determine yourself which credit limit should be assigned to which creditworthiness or solvency profile. If you also choose to use the monitoring function, we can guarantee that the credit limit will always be up to date according to your requirements and definitions. Furthermore, you will have access to the current credit limit at any time, for we have integrated the credit limits as an item both in the clear and well-structured portfolio management in CrediWEB, and in the solvency / creditworthiness information provided.

Safety in international business

The Swiss economy has always been highly interconnected on a global basis: its per capita import and export volumes and its import and export rate (as a percentage of GDP) are among the highest in the world. Exports play a particularly important economic role for a small country such as Switzerland.

The services provided by Creditreform make international business safer. Our partner organisations based in the different countries make available their information in a standardised format, which is why our creditworthiness information is clear and well-structured on an international basis and will therefore always be a helpful reference to make well-founded credit decisions. Our monitoring products will also make it possible to permanently monitor strategic partners or key customers including those based in the most important European countries.

Groups of countries

As a basic principle, foreign-country supplements are due when information from outside Switzerland and Liechtenstein is obtained and are then charged in addition to the basic price of a report. The countries have been divided into groups of countries.

0Germany, Austria
1Belgium, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain
2Scandinavia, Baltic States, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Rep. Turkey, Ukraina, Hungary
3Albania, Bosnia-H. Gibraltar, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Macedonia, Moldowa, Russia (Eu), Serbia-Montenegro, Belarus
4Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Russia (Asia)


Product line foreign reports

Evaluation of information contents.

In the creditworthiness reports, Creditreform evaluates contents relevant to creditworthiness and expresses the result in partial scores. These partial scores form the basis for the overall assessment and are displayed as a risk class (RC), creditworthiness / solvency band (SB) or creditworthiness / solvency signal light (SL) depending on the selected product. 

How you are informed according to your needs.

In addition to the creditworthiness result, you will also receive a wealth of additional information, depending on the information you select, to round off the overall picture of your customer.

Advantages: what speaks for us?

  • Reliable credit rating
  • Highest quality and topicality of data
  • Information on international companies
  • Customised solutions for your applications
  • Advice and personal contact persons
  • Security and data protection
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