We are here for you

Our regional companies advise you personally and help you avoid losses

Closeness is not only a fluke to us, but purpose

All from one source. The source of the best.

The Swiss association of creditors Creditreform is a modern business venture structured as a co-operation. It offers exclusive economic information and debt collection services on a worldwide scale, all from one source.

We collect your receivables.

Seven independent Creditreform companies will help you on the spot to recover your receivables even sooner. Your customers will pay sooner. The money currently still withheld by delayed payers will be available to you in the future. Which will improve your liquidity and prevent losses.

We make sure your customers pay and remain customers. Untoward emotions are outsourced, which enables you to leave a professional impressi.

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Sicherheit dank strukturierter Prozesse

Die Creditreform AG sowie unsere Kreisbüros sind zertifiziert nach ISO 9001, das Rechenzentrum nach ISO 27001. Dies bedeutet, dass das Qualitäts-Managementsystem aller operativen Gesellschaften und unsere IT-Infrastruktur die Anforderungen gemäss der ISO-Norm erfüllen: