Solution for Debt collection

You don't want to leave debt collection in your hands and want to manage your receivables with high efficiency? Optimise your receivables management with integrated interfaces.

Optimise your receivables management.

You do not wish to hand over control of debt collection, and want to manage your receivables in a highly efficient way? The handling of debtors, high amounts outstanding and time-consuming debt enforcement proceedings (debt collection) is not only a burden, but can sometimes also cost the company a lot of money. Accordingly, an efficient receivables management is all the more valuable and important. EGELI Informatik supports you in this context - with various solutions that have different advantages and sustainably facilitate the management of receivables in any case.

Interfaces to Creditreform are available for the following processes:

  • Debtor identification
  • Creditworthiness / solvency assessment
  • Debtor monitoring (changes of name and address, variations of creditworthiness / solvency, bankruptcy notices)
  • Obtaining official information (local residents' offices, information on debt enforcement)

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